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Winata & Gautama Law Firm was previously a branch office of Prof. Mr. DR. S. Gautama & Associates. Having been a part of its parent law firm for 30 years, Winata & Gautama Law Firm has, since September 3, 2007, been formed as a separate firm, specialising in all Intellectual Property matters, including trademark, patent, copyright, industrial design and litigations.

Our law firm is committed to protect the interests of our clients by providing legal assistance relating to Intellectual Property protection, and other legal actions before the Indonesian courts.

We recognise our clients’ needs to understand the complex Intellectual Property matters and our services are tailor-made to serve these requirements. Our professional expertise and longstanding experience in the field have enabled us to successfully represent a broad range of clients, from local to major International companies.


Rizawanto Winata

Rizawanto Winata has been an Intellectual Property attorney at the law firm of Prof. Mr. DR. S. Gautama & Associate since 1977. As one of the two registered Intellectual Property consultants in the firm who have been appointed by the Minister of Law and Human Rights, Rizawanto handled and was responsible for all Intellectual Property matters at the office of Prof. Mr. S. Gautama & Associates.

For 30 years, Rizawanto has also been solely managing the branch office of Prof. Mr. DR. S. Gautama & Associates. He has a vast understanding of the many facets of Intellectual Property matters, with an emphasis on patent, trademark, copyright and industrial design laws.

Having received his law degree from the University of Indonesia in 1982, Rizawanto has since co-authored several books with Prof. Mr. DR. S. Gautama relating to trademark, patent, industrial design, copyright, trade secrets, layout design of integrated circuits, new conventions on Intellectual Property rights for Indonesia and a collection of trademark cases.

Rizawanto is also a member of the Indonesian Bar Association (AAI) and the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA).

Abigail Gautama

Abigail Gautama was a partner at Prof Mr. DR. S. Gautama & Associates for 30 years before deciding to form a partnership with Rizawanto Winata at Winata & Gautama Law Firm. 

Having graduated with a law degree from the University of Indonesia in 1974, Abigail was also a Cultural Anthropology lecturer at the law faculty of the University of Indonesia for 15 years.

Her areas of expertise include copyright laws, license negotiations, trademark disputes, and general intellectual property matters.

Abigail is fluent in Dutch, English and Bahasa Indonesia.